Tuesday, 16 June 2015

XSRDO Doppler Modular System
Download the beta version of the new Doppler Modular System
VSTi Plugin for Windows

XSRDO Patchwork Modular System

Unlike some VSTi synthesizers which claim to be modular but are in fact, really just simple fixed synthesizers where the modulation matrix has been replaced by fancy graphic lines drawn across the screen...

XSRDO Patchwork Modular System is a true modular synthesizer.
You can choose what modules you want, where to put them and how many of them you want. Each module is independent of any other and only becomes active when you start to patch them together in your own creative way.

Simply point and click on a virtual rack header to insert, delete or move a module or click on the XSRDO patchwork modular System title for more options.

New Vintage Modular Skin

36 virtual racks
80+ virtual modules
Insert any module into any rack
Insert multiple modules
Movable modules
Load & Save preset programs
Fully user skinnable including three alternate skin examples
Many example patches included
Choice of label font sizes
Quick access on module help option
Comprehensive help manual included
XSRDO Wavetable Maker program included

Typical system requirements
Microsoft Windows 7+ Operating system
Intel core CPU 
1 GB Ram 
12MB for the VSTi 
Optional 20MB+ for the system files (waveforms, wavetables, samples etc...) 
1920 x 1080 resolution display monitor

Including free wavetable maker