Tuesday, 16 June 2015

XSRDO Analogy Modular Synthersizer v1.0

VSTi Plugin for Windows

- High Quality Oscillators
- Ultra Low CPU
- Multi-Timbral
- Intergrated 128 Note Polyphonic Modules
- Sample Player
- Karplus-Strong Physical Moddeling
- Analog Modelled K35 ZDF Sallen-Key Filter
- Over 40 Modules Available
- 1000s of Combinations
- MIDI Controller Enabled
- Unlimited load and save patches
- Single Microsoft Windows 32bit DLL

Typical system requirements
Microsoft Windows 7+ Operating system
Intel core CPU 
1 GB Ram 
20MB for the VSTi 
Optional 20MB+ for the system files (waveforms, wavetables, samples etc...) 
1920 x 1080 resolution display monitor recommended
720 Laptop resolution  display monitor supported


  1. No download link? I use Arturia Modular V and your synth (vsti) is the only one that I use along. Best free modular synth software on the web...

  2. Sorry, v091.1 should fix a bug in the previous version.

  3. Well done, Kirsty. Great synth.

  4. Updated to v1.01
    Now with over 60 modules. Some of the new one's are...

    MIDI CV-Gate
    LFO MS10

  5. Great work, Kristi! Thumbs up!
    I've been witing for ages to see a good free vst modular synth like yours.
    If I would put something on my christmas wishlist it would be like more types of filters and more control parameters for the filters, for instance resonance control...
    Merry christmas & happy new year!

  6. I'm just going to keep this simple. Thank you Kirsty, thank you so much. XSRDO works perfectly in Tracktion5 (32). I keep a 32 bit version running as well as a 64 bit version as well. My main synth is Zebra 2 from U-He but XSRDO is a fantastic vintage modular. I'm 62 years old and I grew up with Tomita and Walter/Wendy Carlos. I never thought then I would download a computer file that would contain the entire definition of a top end modular synthesizer. And for free as well! Thank you for all your hard work. Composing old school Electronica is my retirement and it's because of people like you that make it possible.

    All the best,


    Btw, the output is a bit low in Tracktion5 but I just add a second volume plugin maxed for a 6db boost and it takes care of it. But making it a bit hotter would help.

    1. Thanks for the kind words Paul.
      Enjoy the synth.



  7. Kirsty, Could You tell me how to force sample player to loop? :) Cant switch on a diode to be lighted (v.1.08). Btw. its amazing synth, Im really impressed by your skills :) Greetings from Poland!

  8. Hi
    You found a bug! treat yourself to an ice cream :)
    V1.091 Replaces the broken LED with a switch to turn sample
    looping On/Off.

    Regards Kirsty

  9. I will :) You are amazing! thx a lot!

  10. Hello Kirsty
    Thank you for this nice piece of work.
    We use it on Linux 18 on Carla pluginhost and it loads fantastic, its cpu use is acceptable and sounds great and looks great.
    Now we want to use midicontroller automation using a DAW (Qtractor) and record an automationtrack as for all of our other synths, but i don´t see how.
    Is it possible?

    Regards Harry

    1. Hi Harry
      Have you tried using a MIDI_CC module (available from the MIDI menu). It converts MIDI controllers (16-19) data, to values that can be patched anywhere.

      Regards Kirsty

  11. Congratulations for such a great work! I'm really impressed with the latest builds but there's still one important thing wrong: oscillators are inactive unless there's MIDI note data coming in, this is not what happens in a real (modular) oscillator, you patch it to the output and there it is, just generating an audio signal constantly (you have to insert a VCA to control the level). I mean, the way it is XSRDO now, it is not possible to make non-stop droning patches. Do not take this comment badly, your synth is awesome, I only wish it to be the closer as possible to a real modular, that's it. :)

    1. Hi Wallyaudio

      Thank you for your comments.
      Doppler is designed to 'throttle back' the audio engine when MIDI note data is no longer relevant to save some CPU.
      It can indeed work as you suggest. I will enable this type of operation in the next update and allow the current CPU saving method as an menu option.

      Regards Kirsty

  12. Thank you so much for this synth and all the hard work. I really enjoy it!

  13. Hi, I like your software. :D
    Are there some plans for including a MIDI-Learn function ?
    For using them as standalone with Savihost.

  14. Hi Herby
    Yes Midi learn is on my TODO list

    Regards Kirsty

  15. YYYYAAAAAAAYYY - WE Love YOU for this. thank you!!!!!!

  16. Just stumbled upon this recently, I've been having a lot of fun with it and the least I could do was to stop by to say thank You.
    If it isn't anything guitar, bass guitar or other area of audio which fills my free time (of which I just wish that I had a lot more of) then I begin to start fiddling with synthesis.
    Be they hardware or software ITB, Synthesizers and electronic styles of music are certainly not my forte which I don't mind admitting to freely, Yet at the same time that is also a big part of the fun/joy from since it is something which I have not and never likely will truly fully grasp and master to put it mildly.
    Guitar wise, bass guitar wise and drum kit wise along with any studio task as an engineer it's second nature except synthesizers, Whenever I begin to route whatever din I've cobbled together through the outboard, Including an unhealthy selection of pedals (from the simplest stompbox variety through to the complex floorboard systems and rack variants too) and also through to a borderline unhealthy selection of amp heads, speaker cabinets and combos...The resulting range of sonic torture which an array of microphones capture back ITB, Creating a full circle so to speak in the case using XSRDO is dreadfully wonderful but I simply never know what I want or what the results will be except that I can navigate from clean to the highest gain distortions through the hardest gated fuzzes (square waving everything) onto both bit-depth destruction and sample rate reduction...I always end up with something that goes into the extremes of industrial, Power noise realms.
    I do intend to run the guitar and bass guitars into xrsdo the next chance I get as I do like doing the same thing with modular setups/systems which enable doing so as the results are often great and inspire something, Along with forcing playing the guitar in specific ways in order to obtain both usable and unique results, So that is something that I'm very much looking forwards to.
    It helps to have two persons in such a setup while one plays the guitar the other mans the rack, pedal board and desk to get the most from the synthesizer combined with a full guitar and/or bass rig and capture such sessions of sonic defilement.

    Again thanks and sorry if that was just a little bit rambling.

    Cheers and all the very best \m/

  17. Thanks Nekro
    I'm glad your enjoying the synth


  18. XSRDO Analogy v1.0 is now available


  19. I really like the new layout...Moog instead of Doppler...Works fine in Cubase and inside VCVRack with the Host feature...